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Okay.. so Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain won the best action game award... and Konami forbade Hideo Kojima  to attend the ceremony?? Wow.. just wow....

When you think they cant sink any lower...  first they screw up the game with that whole FOB nonsense, now this. Congratulations Konami, if there was a worst videogame producer award, you would win it this year
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It was now around mid afternoon in Carelot, and the whole carebear family was gathered around to see one of his practices since he discovered a new brake through. The whole realm of the carebear family were gathered around and sat down on the cushiony clouds of carelot while shimmers was at center stage outside on a grand wooden stage. Everyone sat silently now, as Trueheart and Nobleheart were talking with Shimmers through a mic while Shimmers had on a headset with an ear peace and a mouth piece microphone that he could speak through.

“So Shimmers, what is this announcement that you wanted to show us?” Trueheart asked trying to contain her excitement as she looked up to the mighty caring guardian who was in his bear form.

“To show you all what I discovered,” Shimmers said smiling but calmly as he walked with a bounce in his step. “Brightheart is going too activate a training session to re-simulate the grand battle that I had against Noheart in his ultimate form.” The crowd expressed concern through whispers.

Nobleheart stammered in. “But Shimmers, isn’t that the same battle were we almost lost you?” He said concerned with his eyes wide open.

“Yes,” Shimmers replied. “But I can assure you, there is nothing to fear.”

“Nwo uncle! Me no want to swee you gwet hurted!” Said Heart Will wolf who was still a cub at this point in diapers as he didn’t want to see Shimmers get hurt.

“Now, now, you guy’s trust me don’t you?” Shimmers said as he picked up the wolf cub as the crowd cooed since he looked so cute being held by Shimmers. “Besides, if anything goes wrong, Bright Heart can always deactivate the machine.” Shimmers explained as he handed over the cub too Trueheart. “Now, I’m anxious to get started, take your seats please front and center.” Shimmers exclaimed enthusiastically.

“Okay. But we will out an end to this the moment it gets out of control.” Trueheart said protectively.

“Yeah, I concur as well.” Mother heart said shaking her head.

“Dually noted mama. Now I need to get started.” Shimmers said as he took his place in center stage as Mother heart held Heart-Will Wolf in her arms, snuggling him closing, as the three founders sat down.

“Now do you all remember when I burst into a orange and blue flame around my body during the battle with Noheart when you guy’s cheered me on, and encouraged me not to give up?” He asked. Many nodded there heads, including wish bear and Blazeheart panther. “Well, I have found a way too get to that level again. Do you all want to see that?” Shimmers said smiling. The crowd cheered a loud yes. Shimmers turned to Bright heart. “Bright heart lets begin!” Shimmers shouted.

Brightheart nodded and pressed the red button. Soon the stage had purple fog enveloping the stage, then after a few moments, a shadowy figure appeared. It was none other than Noheart! “Now Shimmers, now that I have combined with my fellow evil alliance, all oru powers of hate, and uncaring will make caring bow to its knees! Including you!” Shouted the evil Wizard as his eyes glowed purple. The crowd booed him loudly.

“So long as I stand and have breath in me Noheart, I will not let you do that!” Shimmers shouted defiantly getting into his role as the crowd cheered Shimmers on.

“Get him Shimmers! You let him know who’s boss!” Shouted Blazeheart pumping his fist.

“We shall see! Today evil uncaring will rule!” With that, Noheart, trounced his arms down to his sides as two pruple lightning bolts hit down to his sides transforming him into a grey striped anthro tiger as his eyes glowed white. “NOW! YOU SHALL PERISH ALONG WITH THE CARING YOU REPRESENT TRAITOR! AHHHHHHH!” Noheart’s hands began to cackle out grey lightning and lifted one hand up with one finger pointing out and unleashed a hard lightning attack.

Shimmers however was prepared, and absorbed the attack catching the uncaring beam with his hands, as a white circle of magic enveloped the uncaring lightning till it disappeared. Shimmers stood up and faced his adversary. “Your going to have to do a lot better than that!” Shimmers said smiling.

“ARRAAAHHHHH!” Noheart growled as he thrusted both arms up and opened his hands. “Uncaring drain!” He shouted unleashing a powerful attack that nearly knocked Shimmers over as Shimmers dug his feet into the clouds slowing down the momentum as he was at the end of the stage trying to absorb the attack like before. “MOHAHAHAHAHA! Soon you will fall!” Shimmers shouted gleefully as he gloated over Shimmers as the crowd began too boo Noheart as Shimmers went down to both knees barely hanging on.

Trueheart got up and went over to Bright Heart, “Bright heart, this is getting too intense, shut the simulation off!” She shouted.

“I can’t!” Shouted Bright Heart. “Its like this machine has a mind of its own!” He said hitting different buttons, that seemingly had no effect as the rest of the carebear looked on in horror as Shimmers shouted from being burned around his hands and arms by the lightning strikes.

“AHHHHHH~” Shimmers shouted as he closed his eyes in pain.

“Shimmers!” Shouted Trueheart as she tried to run to his aid, but was prevented by a lightning strike from Noheart’s eyes.

“Stay back! After I am done with my former apprentice, I will deal with the rest of you!” Shouted Noheart.

“That’s really Noheart! We have to aid Shimmers!” She shouted as she was about to gather the others in formation to do there carebear’s stare! But a bright light stopped her that came from Shimmers direction as he began too glow a bright orange and blue from his aura!

“YOU WILL NOT WIN!” Shimmers shouted as he stood up to one knee as he was fighting it as his body shook up and down trying to rise again.

“That’s it Shimmers! Don’t give in! You can win this!” Shouted Heart Will Wolf cub.

“So long as my family believes in me, I will never give up! ARRRAHHHHHHHHHHH~” Shimmers was now up on both feet as he screamed for a good thirty seconds before finally transforming as a bright white light shot out of him. When the crowd looked back after shielding there eyes.

“I..I..don’t believe it!” Nobleheart said in awe.

“He did it! I don’t know how, but our precious shimmeringstar did it!” Shouted Mother heart proudly as a tear went down her face.

Shimmers once he was standing on his two feet, his hands began too glow together as he shouted. “CAREBEAR’S STARE!” He shouted and unleashed a powerful attack that began to cut into the dark lightning attack and began to push back. “With the caring power that resides in me, its not just me your fighting Noheart! Its all the caring power of my whole family!” Shimmers said as he turned and looked at the founders and directly at Trueheart who looked on concerned, but smiling proudly along with the rest of his family. “So long as they stand, caring will always prevail over you! AHHHHHHHHHH!” Shimmers then turned and poured it on with a powerful energy attack erupting from his paws as it pushed back the uncaring beam and slammed against Noheart knocking him off the stage! The crowd cheered him on, while Shimmers was now glowing orange and blue. Noheart’s power was quickly fading as Shimmers approached.

“NO! STAY AWAY!” Noheart shouted as he aimed at Shimmers with his eyes and tried to zap him. Shimmers absorbed the uncaring lightning, and unleashed a powerful stare attack from his chest as he shouted. “STARE!” It hit Noheart squarely on the chest as that knocked off his amulet. Shimmers now stood over and quickly grabbed him as his right paw began too glow rainbow colored. “NOOO! DON’T!”

“STARE!” Shouted Shimmers as Noheart was forced to take a direct hit of his powerful stare through his paw which just about destroyed him! Noheart Shouted in great pain, till his body disappeared and only his cowl left behind. The crowd cheered him on as Trueheart breathed a sigh of relief that Shimmers wasn’t hurt. “YEEEAAAAHHHHH!” Shouted Shimmers as he pumped his fist in the air turning too the crowd as they all cheered him on with the crowd on there feet. “This is what I wanted to show you, I managed a break through and can now stay in this caring power form.” He explained.

“Whoa, he is mighty powerful” Aqua bear said feeling how much caring power was emanating from his body. Go big brother!” Aqua bear shouted proudly.

The stage all went back to normal, showing normal day light with shimmers still glowing. “I can do many things in this caring form,” Shimmers explained. “One of them being, I can absorb all your stares and calls, and unleash it to ten times more powerful.” Shimmers explained calmly. “That’s just one of many abilities this form can do.” The crowd was now in awe, and clapped in applause. After a long moment of cheering him on, Shimmers addressed the crowd again. “Now, time to power down.” Shimmers said as he clenched his hands together into fists and returned to his normal self.

“NoW, NO POWER DOWN!” Heart will wolf shouted.

“Yeah, Show us more!” Said carecub who was also dissatisfied that Shimmers had powered down.

“Now now you two, that’s enough.” Warned Mother heart.

“Aww, but we want two swee more!” Pouted Carecub with heart will cub concurring as they both crossed there arms grumping.

Just as Mother heart was about ot rebuke them again, Shimmers intervened since many in the crowd, mainly the future generation cubs were grumbling. “Okay, you guys want to see more of what that form can do?” The crowd shouted in loud approval. “Okay, I will show you.” Shimmers shouted as the whole crowd began too cheer. “But you have to promise me, after that, its off to caring school with you guy’s, and you must all promise me to do your best.” He said. Carecub and heart will wolf all nodded anxiously, while Mother heart let them go as she sighed, but let this continue.

“First, in order to achieve the first caring power, you must not fight for yourself, but stand for your family and friends that love you and those that care about you.” Shimmers said. “Once you achieve that, then you can….AHHHHHHH!” Shimmers nearly knocked some of the cubs and adult carebears over as he began to power up shaking the very foundation of Carelot. “This caring power, has too come deep from your heart, search hard to find it! AHHHHHHHHHH!” Shimmers did this for a time, till he finally erupted and emerged again. “Then this is when you become a caring power one.” He said.

“Way to go dad!” Shouted Dragonstar proudly. “That’s my dad! That’s my dad!” He said pointing to Shimmers proudly. “Now I need three volunteers from the crowd.” Shimmers said.

“Oh,, pick me! Pick me!” Raised heart will wolf.

“NO ME! PICK ME!” Shouted Carecub as he raised his paw in front of Heart will wolf as the two were trying too be recognized. Dragonstar shyly raised his paw silently.

“Dragon, heart will, carecub, come forth.” Shimmers instructed as they shouted excitedly and quickly entered onto the stage.

“I’M on stage with my daddy mama!” He said smiling as the crowd laughed at cooed at the cub’s cute antics. “You most certainly are my son.” Shimmers said as he picked him up from underneath his arms and nuzzled noses with him and kissed him on the cheeks making him blush. “Now, you three line up over at the end of the stage.” Instructed Shimmers as he placed Dragonstar down. “Yes dad!”
He said as all all three of them scurried to the other side.

“Now. You three count down and aim your stares at me, try really hard!” Instructed Shimmers. All three cubs symbols began to glow, but instead of going at Shimmers, they hit each other, and some in the crowd as they were shot off stage. “No children, you have to stare together in perfect harmony if this is to work.” Shimmers explained. All three cubs pouted, but returned to the stage in there line up. “Now, try again/” Shimmers instructed. “Count down, 5,4,..”

“3, 2, 1, STARE!” The cubs shouted along with the crowd as there tummy symbols glowed true and soundly, and unleashed there caring attack at Shimmers. Shimmers batted the stares away into three different beams, and then reached out with both arms to his sides, and the batted away stares began too comeback to him! Some circled around his body till they reached around his right upheld arm circulating around his hand, while another stare, went around his legs, and eventually to his left hand and was now circling around that, while the last carebear beam, was now circling around his waist.

“Observe, not only can I control these, I can also…” Shimmers then thrusted his hands forward at the cubs and the stares went directly at them as all three cubs ducked barely avoiding being hit.

“Hey!” Shouted Carecub,
“LOOK OUT!” Shouted Heart will wolf.

Dragonstar however tried to reach out with his paws to control them, and managed to stop one of them, but the other two hit him squarely in the head knocking him over on his back.

“Dragonstar!” Shouted Wish bear in concern as she ran towards him to see if he was okay as the crowd looked on concerned. “Are you okay baby?” She said as she picked him from underneath his arms.

“Yeah, I okay,” He said as he smiled a Wish bear breathed sigh of relief and turned to Shimmers. Just as wish bear was about to say something. “Me tough, lwike my dwaddy!” He said as the crowd giggled and awed.

“That’s my cub.” Said Shimmers as he walked over proudly to them and picked up Dragonstar bear from underneath his arms and nuzzled noses with him and gave the cub an unexpected razzberry which made the cub squeal in laughter.

“NWO! NWO TWICKLESDADAAHAHAHA!” He shouted cutely as he kicked helplessly as the crowd cooed witnessing the bond between father and son.

“Who’s a good cub? Whom? Who’s a good cub?” Shimmers teased as he nuzzled noses with him making Dragonstar bear blush smiling happily. Shimmers then addressed the crowd. “Well, that’s all for today everyone. See you next time.” Shimmers said as the crowd clapped and cheered loudly. Shimmers, Wish bear, and the three cubs all bowed and took off from the stage.

After the whole crowd had left, Shimmers was talking with Bright heart alone about what had happened.

“Huh? Are you saying that was Noheart for real?” Shimmers said.

“Yes, when we tried to turn it off, none of the controls were working.” Bright heart explained.

“Oh well, not your fault, and I showed everyone what I wanted to show them, on top of entertaining them all.” Shimmers smiled as Bright heart breathed a sigh of relief that Shimmers wasn’t angry at him for this lapse during the on stage performance.
Story Preview
^^ i hope you all enjoy it

Shimmers and Dragonstar (C) eternaldragonstear

Heart Will (C)
Okay.. so Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain won the best action game award... and Konami forbade Hideo Kojima  to attend the ceremony?? Wow.. just wow....

When you think they cant sink any lower...  first they screw up the game with that whole FOB nonsense, now this. Congratulations Konami, if there was a worst videogame producer award, you would win it this year
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